How Social Media Marketing is Impacting the World

Our world is an ever changing world, and one of the most significant changes which we have witnessed as businesses are evolving is the shift in how products and services are advertised in the current era of technological change, although in the early 2000’s there was a strong case of advertising on the search engines as the marketing philosophy of people who were advertising on the search engines was that people were searching for items and finding them online through search engines such as Google. Although Google became one of the most successful tech companies in the world because of its advertising proceeds, we can see that there is now a major shift in purchasing and advertising because of the advent and popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to name a few.

But how does this new practice of social media marketing affect and impact the world we live in? How does it affect how companies and brands promote, advertise and market themselves?? And why is there a shuffle towards the social media landscape. Here are some of the reasons why.

Fast Reach

Social Media platforms operate in such a manner that users generate content based on their interests, and social media algorithm logs these preferences and interests, so when there is, let’s say a brand of sunglasses such as Ray-Ban, and they want to tell people that they have either introduced a new design or are having a sale, they can create a social media campaign based on people who have interests in sunglasses, and voila! You have a set group of highly interested people who would be willing to purchase sun glasses or in the least would be very interested. And all this happens within a span of a few hours.

Targeted Reach

When we say targeted, imagine there is a billboard in Brooklyn for car insurance, now you and I know for a fact that although it is out there for everyone to see, but there is a lot of irrelevant population who gets to see that and will not take any action, their minds will just ignore such an advertisement just because of a sheer lack of interest. However when marketing this very same ad as a digital post on social media, you can select people with an age range, gender, area, and most importantly those people who have shown an interest in car insurance. This is the beauty of social media marketing as it is very targeted and hence bears very sweet fruits!

Quick Feedback

All social media posts and advertisements come with comments postings and review the features of the service or the product on offer, you have the option of posting an ad and locking the comment feature, but this is not recommended, you will be losing a lot of customer engagement and your posts will not get organic reach, which is free! Comments area should be monitored vigilantly for seeking any negative comments and responding positively to them. Social media becomes a hotspot for customer feedback, and you can then integrate these feedback into your product or service improvements.

Instant Insights

One of the key factors and the usage of social media platforms for advertising is that you no longer need a marketing insights and research team, an entire dashboard of analytics and data is provided to you by the social media platform itself, you get a very clear idea and a vivid picture of what your customer preferences are, what is their buying behavior and what they like and dislike, based on these findings you can even tweak your current social media campaign and also fine tune your future social media marketing strategy. All this costs you nothing as this comes bundled with your campaign.

Cost Implications

The cost of setting up a social media campaign and integrating the social media strategy within the larger sphere of your entire marketing strategy is next to nothing. Social media marketing is one of the most inexpensive methods of marketing and it won’t be wrong to say that at the same time it is proving to be one of the most effective. You can set up a social media post from as low as 10 – 50 dollars and even that will get you customer engagements and possibly some orders. A normal trend is that you can easily get 2 customers from a 100 $ campaign. That is good conversion if your product is around 200 – 500 dollars.

Easiest to set up

It is very easy to setup social media campaigns, but the trouble comes when you need to have a picture with graphics and at the same time you need to have someone who has some sense of how these social media platforms actually work. It is recommended that you hire a social media marketing agency which will not cost much, and if you can afford then hire a dedicated person to manage your social media. Normally a social media post takes between 10 – 15 minutes to set up, give you have images ready, and you are in business!


So as you would have at this point deduced that the entire spectrum of how the world used to market products and how it does it now has completely changed. It has become much improved and easy to market, now you can sell your services from your garage, flat or your basement. You can get word across, the world is now everyone’s arena, gone are the days when only big companies with huge budgets could market across the world. Now anyone with a decent product or service and a basic understanding of how social media works can market their offerings! The only thought at this point is: whats next??