Importance of Social Media Marketing

In this day and age where even the internet is deemed as an ancient entity, you are required yes, you read that right, required! You are required to have a very strong presence on Social Media, regardless of what type of business or niche you are in. If you are not on Social Media you are almost as good as dead, the opportunity of being on Social Media is not only in the fact that it can drive business, or create brand awareness or simply promote your services, but it is about relevancy, people are even shifting away from laptops and PC’s. The first thing people do nowadays is that they check their phones for updates on their Facebook, Instagram and all platforms, and if they search for you on these platforms and you are not there. This simply means one thing to them and that is that you are non-existent. Yes, that is the crude and simple reality of technological advances in this day and age. You must have a strong social media presence otherwise you are considered either irrelevant or simply not important enough. Conceptualizing and building a social media marketing campaign can be very tricky, because you have to consider many factors before taking on the social media challenge, you have to make sure what type of platforms your users are most likely to use, how they will react, what kind of content will inspire interest and what kind of content can backlash.

Small or big doesn’t matter

When it comes to being on Social Media, it does not matter whether you are a giant like JCPenny or whether you run a small-time barber shop in Brooklyn, you have to have a presence. The end. People now search for each and everything on social media, and revelation time: They look at what other people are saying about you. Reviews are the biggest conversion secrets in the digital world. The reason why we say this is that people trust what others have experienced at your business place, and what’s a better place than reading about it on social media platforms. So, if you are a small business who wants to make it big then social media is your shortest and surest route to it.

Business Marketing Strategy & Social Media

In today’s world, you cannot have a conventional business marketing strategy based on what your competitors are doing or what your industry requires you to do. The internet above everything else has simplified and made it very affordable to get your word and your product /service in front of your direct users. The beauty of social media marketing is that you can only sell or advertise your products and services to those select group of people who are actually interested in buying or getting your products. As part of your marketing strategy it is highly imperative that you are aware of the population of your users and buyers on social media. At this point if your marketing strategy doesn’t have social media components then you have a very hollow approach to marketing.

Social Media and the connection with your customers

If nothing else, then social media has a very powerful underpinning. When people like or follow your business page, that means they want to be always in touch with what you are doing and will be very excited to know what would be the latest trends and offerings you will be putting up for them? Companies now spend a whopping amount of dollars on paid social media campaigns just to gather followers. Social Media has also become a big way to promote your business philosophy, not only the products or services themselves. When people like and follow you, they are actually saying that they like and trust you enough to make you a part of their personal catalogue.

Engagement & ROI

Social media has now become the fastest way to communicate about your brand or product, in a matter of minutes you can post about your latest offerings, and you will get a huge audience of willing customers who would be very interested in buying what you have to offer, not only this, there are multiple options on different social media platforms which enable the users to send them a notification when their favorite brand or service posts a new update.

In conclusion, you can see that having a strong social media presence allows you to hit the road running. It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out a new product or service, or you are already a well-established brand or business, you have to have a very strong presence which reflects what type of business you are. On top of all of this a social media manager is one of the hot jobs around, and if you cannot afford a social media manager you can always hire services for social media. There are many agencies who manage business and celebrity pages, and they are good at what they do. Keep this is mind when you decide on having a social media campaign that in 2018 most of the brands in the USA reported that almost 40 % of their sales were driven from social media marketing. Just think about that!