Web Design For Dummies – Most Important Factors of Web Design

It’s been almost 40 years since the internet became a commercial entity, it took another 10 years for the internet to dominate and prove its point as the initiator of a new era for mankind. Internet has completely changed how we do everything, from flying to purchasing a pencil, everything is managed and managed well on the internet. The tool which the internet uses to conduct all these affairs are the websites. Everything on the internet is found in the shape of a website, more recently apps have been introduced as well, but you cannot get an app without a website. Our reliance on websites is huge. Nowadays if a business or any entity does not have a website, they would be deemed irrelevant and medieval perhaps downright ancient. It is the need of every business, service, institution or any kind of person or entity who is a part of the economic fabric that they should have website including the government. The biggest chunk of the internet is reserved for business, now almost all the transactions are conducted online, the richest companies are tech based. But what does it take to build a website? What are the key factors which you should look for when getting a website built? Here we will cover some of the most pressing and important factors of a website which should be taken into consideration when building a website.

User Interface

Now we have heard the old adage, that first impression is the last impression, or an improved version of the saying that first impression is a lasting impression. The same stands true for a website, a user lands on your website, either through search engine, social media or by writing the web address directly into their web browsers, and within a matter of seconds a game of like or dislike is played out in his brain. A game of whether he thinks you are a good company or not begins, this all starts from your homepage. Always make sure that your homepage is designed beautifully and is pleasing to the eye. Once you are successful in building a beautiful and eye-catching homepage you have got the person’s attention and a horde of trigger points are built in his mind about your business and product as a whole. If the experience is good, he will be hooked, if its not, then you have lost a potential customer for life.
Always make sure that your website looks very updated, properly managed and well designed.


The content matters a lot, you have to conduct some research before making sure what kind of content is expected from websites in your industry, you can always check what your competition is doing or the best method is to get it professionally written by people who have experience in writing web content and website fillers. A point to note here is this that if your content is well written and strategically placed it could result in direct sales and actions from people landing on your website. Make sure to either hire a content writer to write the content for your website or hire a content writing agency.

User Friendly

Now this is one of the most important aspects of a website, you can have a mighty beautiful website with some of the best written content, but if your users do not have a clue as to how to proceed with its functionality than you are asking for trouble. When we say user friendly we mean that people should find what they are looking for on your website. Make the entire process as easy as you can. The user flow of a website should always be built keeping in mind what would it look like to 10 years old and would he or she be able to navigate and operate the website accurately or not. This is easier said than done, that is why you need expertise in the field again a recommendation would be get professional help such as experienced developers or web design and development agencies who have a lot of experience in these things because they do this on a daily basis.

Loading speed

Nothing ticks off a customer or a user more than the amount of time it takes a website to load or even while they are browsing on the website on its internal pages. Make sure your call to action pages and sales related pages are super-fast, you are there to earn money or make a profit. Make sure your website is efficient and optimized with the latest tools and plugins.


Always make sure that you update your website to the latest technology and all the images and icons are updated on a yearly basis to keep up with the demand of latest designs and looks, if you want to make it big in the game.

Help & Chat modules

Make sure the contact numbers and emails are available on every page, and integrate a chat module if you can afford customer services rep. Chat modules give a real sense of relevancy and professionalism to websites, because they ensure that there will be live human interaction and that is an inherent factor with us humans. We crave for the human touch.

Mobile & Browsers

One more important factor nowadays when building a website is to make sure that it is not only compatible with laptops and PC’s but also mobiles and tablets, a fair share of internet population will open your website on their phones, make sure your website is looking good on these gadgets.

At the same time make sure that your website is also compatible and operating on all types of browsers, some of the famous and most used are Chrome, Mozilla and Safari on iphones. You should test run your website on multiple gadgets, and make sure you have clear and good operability on all types of browsers and gadgets.

Finally, there can be at least a 100 factors to take into consideration while building a website but the above mentioned are some of the most important. If you get these right the rest of the issues will take care of themselves or will be very easy to resolve. Always hire professional help for building a website because these people know what they are doing. Good luck