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Traditional recipe sites are boring and a food brand with a recipe portal is just another thing that simply failed to get attention from target audience. What to do then?

Welcome to KisaanKitchen, an intuitive knowledge engine (answer engine) that presents the recipes based on what material users have or what type of food they are craving that day. Users can filter recipe based on Cuisine type, beef or poultry, veg vs non-veg and so forth.


Kisan Food is a leading FMCG company of Pakistan offering premium brand cooking oils and hydrogenated cooking mediums. The company wanted to increase its consumer base by leveraging the Social Media. Isntead of simply creating profiles on social networks, they want to offer something useful to their users which an also be used as marketing medium.


DigiHorde suggested an innovative web based & responsive recipe app. Unlike other typical recipe sites, we want to do something new yet simple enough that any person can use it. This can greatly increase the engagement of the users as well as indirectly market the comapny products.


We created an intuitive recipe app where users can search recipe based on ingredients, dish name and a unique feature i.e. mood. The app is a sort of knowledge engine that narrows down results based on user responses. For example if someone was in mood of eating beef but wanted a quick recipe, he/she can select beef and quick and easy filter below the search bar and the app will show all the recipe based on the selected filter.

The app is fast, light and easy enough for even kids to understand it.

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Absolutely phenomenal are the words which come to my mind, I had no clue that when setting up an online business I had to churn out so many words, but Digihorde stepped in and did everything from the word go, the entire website, articles, blog posts and what not, I am a full time customer of all their services, but I was asked to recommend content which I am always so excited about, get it guys, believe me you won’t be disappointed.

Fredrik Söderlindh

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