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ReliableNursing is an NDIS and home care service provider in Australia offering their services in Sydney and surrounding areas. The market is tough & competitive with very little margin for errors.

The company is searching for quality leads and quick business. We suggest them PPC and offer them a test run for 2 weeks. For 2 weeks we manage their PPC campaigns for free of cost. We were confident in our work and we wanted to build the trust with the company.


The company has already engaged an SEO company and they were not satisfied with their services. Its really hard to convince a company, that is already spending god amount of money for SEO services, to spend even more on PPC service. So we have a client that want results within days.

Since the industry is highly competitive, Google Keyword planner was showing avg CPC for top position at 12 AUD. It was becoming a very expensive project for client and he wasn’t getting a good ROI from his earlier investments in SEO services.


Since the owner was looking for quick business, naturally we suggested PPC but we went a step ahead and waived off our PPC management fees just to show the client how serious we are in helping his business. We offer a test campaign to client for 2 weeks with 0 fees. We asked the client to keep the max budget at 1200 AUD for 2 weeks i.e. 85 AUD per day.


Following were our results for the 2 week campaign. We kept the avg CPC to 5.53 AUD and our avg position was 2.2. With our limited budget, we successfully generated 39 leads within 2 weeks in just 1100 AUD.  Check images for further results

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