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A manufacturer looking for B2B services will often go to Alibaba. But Alibaba never promises orders or sales. It only offer inquiries & nthat too shared by thousands of suppliers.

DigiHorde offers a premium End-to-End service package for our B2B customers that includes a complete dynamic website with inquiry forms, SEO & Social Media marketing, 24/7 account manager, dedicated inquiries and orders guarantee. All that in a highly affordable price compare to leading B2B platforms.


The client is a chinese manufacturer dealing in washers (harwdware) like Flat Washers etc. He was using traditionla channels like wholesalers, retailers to sell his products within China. For exports, he was using expos and PR to get the business. He was referred to us by one of our clients who used our services in past. It is hard to convince someone who is already doing business to try new business channels.


We suggest him a complete Online Business solution including but not limited to Website Development, Online Marketing, Account Manager and Website Management.

The client was reluctant to try because of high initial cost. We offer him to pay us the amount in installments so that he can see our work.


In 2018, we secured approx $40,000 business from international customers for that client.

In 2019, we have generated approx $15000 internataional business so far.

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Absolutely phenomenal are the words which come to my mind, I had no clue that when setting up an online business I had to churn out so many words, but Digihorde stepped in and did everything from the word go, the entire website, articles, blog posts and what not, I am a full time customer of all their services, but I was asked to recommend content which I am always so excited about, get it guys, believe me you won’t be disappointed.

Fredrik Söderlindh

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